Our Rooms

De’ Native Guest House consist of 6 bamboo hut chalets with toilet and hot bath attached. (5 units are for 2 pax and 1 unit is for 4 pax). There are also additional rooms in the main building.

We also provide dorm beds for 40 pax. (20 for ladies and 20 for man).

Native Chalet (Double- Bed)
*bathroom with hot water attached

Weekdays                   RM 60 – 80

Weekends &
Holiday Season           RM 80 – 100

Native Dormitory

16 Beds                       RM 25


Colonial Home Stay
*bathroom with hot water attached

Family Rooms             RM 350
(4 & 5 Beds)

Colonial Dormitory

6 Beds                         RM 25


* Feel free to use the kitchen in the house, free Wifi and the barbecue pit. There
will be a bonfire every night.